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frankly. is a full-service wedding planning and design team, founded by Frankie – a Los Angeles event coordinator with over 10 years of experience.   Our boutique style management allows us to form close relationships with each of our unique clients, and our knowledge of design trends and available production services enables us to consistently create breathtaking, memorable weddings.


Through vendor bookings, design assistance, and timeline & budget maintenance, our production services alleviate the stresses that couples so commonly become burdened by in wedding planning. Our on site event management further allows you and your family to do nothing but relax and enjoy the most memorable day of your life.


We take pride in producing weddings with endless personality and chic sophistication, and you can be confident in our ability to deliver the very best to you on your special day. We look forward to the opportunity to be involved in your wedding – congratulations on your engagement!


Little Miss (well, Mrs. now) Sassafrass - at least that's what my friends call me!  

I think it's okay to say that I consider myself a fun-loving gal with a wild spirit and an

easy-going yet sweetly-sassy 'tude!


I hail from the South with a degree in Architecture - just a country gal headed for the West Coast.   My dream was simple - wake up everyday and love what I do!  I'm madly obsessed with a lot of things, but being creative is definitely tip-top of the list.  I love to inspire and be inspired. My heart definitely takes lead in everything I do!  And I have to say, there's no greater joy than creating something gorgeous - except the joy that comes with creating that "something gorgeous" for someone else!  Great designs make beautiful memories! 


Frankie Podrat - Founder, Planner & Designer


"Design is not making beauty, beauty emerges from selection, affinities, integration, love."

-Louis Kahn; Architect


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